How to Manage Inventory for Your Online Store

online store inventory

This is a comprehensive software solution designed for tracking everything from invoicing, to on-premise orders, and inventory items. It offers the same kind of simplicity that Quickbooks users and Zoho customers would expect, with a user-friendly interface. What’s more, growing brands can use Stitch to sell their items flexibly and check stock levels quickly on multiple channels. In addition to standard inventory features like barcode scanning, order fulfillment, and inventory tracking, Cin7 offers a built-in POS system.

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What is ecommerce inventory management?

  • The tool that’s best for you will be dependant on the kind of business that you run, as well as a multitude of other factors.
  • Finished goods inventory is the total stock available for customers to purchase that can be fulfilled.
  • Local software can work well for inventory, but business owners with multiple locations and inventory managers need inventory management software that stores all of your data online.
  • Dear Systems is primarily for small businesses, making it a little cheaper and more manageable than some of the other inventory management solutions we’ve talked about so far.
  • It can be created in physical or electronic form, but a best practice is to connect the systems that utilize your supply chain and customer order data.
  • The first-in, first-out (FIFO) rule is a simple method for ensuring inventory ordered first is sold before newer inventory.

Forbes Advisor uses a 5-star rating system that independently reviews key features and factors to determine the best platforms out there objectively. Katana is a great option for an expanding business that needs access to more shipping labels for fulfillment. Cin7 is our top choice for small to midsized businesses (SMBs) that want a comprehensive inventory solution that meets their needs. Mobile app organizes inventory counts by item photo to make them easier to read. One-on-one onboarding and a dedicated account manager included with all plans.

online store inventory

Find the best Online Inventory Management Software

online store inventory

Finally, we examined a broad range of inventory features that businesses need to scale operations efficiently. Katana delivers a ton of inventory and workflow management power at a great price. Its base Starter plan is $179 per month when paid annually and includes all essential parts, project and finished unit inventory management tools. Moving to the Standard plan costs $359 per month, paid annually, and adds multi-warehouse and supply chain tools, barcode support, the shop floor management app and more.

Free Inventory Templates to Catalog, Index, and List Your Essential Items or Tasks

Businesses typically list higher profits, streamlined operations and improved customer service as the top benefits of sound inventory management. However, to achieve these goals, inventory practices must be optimized at a granular level. Sortly generates online store inventory barcodes for quick scanning and counting, plus supports QR codes that display item details and other notable data when scanned. This is a handy perk for assigning equipment or supplies to a project or marking parts for assembled goods.

Inventory management software FAQ

That means higher inventory costs will yield lower profits and, therefore, lower taxable income. You know it’s time to make an order when your inventory dips below these predetermined levels. Inventory management covers ordering, storing, and shipping goods and materials. Follow these expert tips and techniques to keep your supply chain flowing.

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Integration with Shopify apps

  • A perpetual inventory system is an inventory management method that records when stock is sold or received in real-time through the use of an inventory management system that automates the process.
  • Reorder point is the minimum unit quantity that a business should have in available inventory before they need to reorder more products.
  • Understanding all types of inventory data will help you make better business decisions as you scale.
  • Alongside ensuring stores have adequate stock, you also need to organize warehouse storage so that a majority of your customers receive an equivalent level of service.

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online store inventory


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